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We make subscribing to any kind of newsletter, product updates or even deals & discount notifications, better and private. Instead of your personal or work email, you use KleepprID to subscribe to email newsletters. Your email stays private.

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We have curated hundreds of newsletters from all over the internet for you. Politics, News, Science, Sports, Culture - you name the genre. Explore them by authors, name or categories at one place.


We know your newsletters better than anyone. Your feed stays organised so that daily newsletters do not bury weekly ones. Filter reading list by genre or publisher. Manage your subscriptions at one place. We take care of all messy part so that you can focus on reading.

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Jessica E.

"This is fantastic! I love to read newsletters and discovering cool ones to follow had never been so easy, thanks to Kleeppr!"

Karthik G.

"Kleeppr is awesome! I can now freely subscribe to newsletters without worrying about my email address being sold or tracked."

Alexis R.

"I have moved all my newsletter subscriptions to Kleeppr. I am reading more and my personal inbox was never so tidy."

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About Us

At Kleeppr, we are commited to bring better newsletter subscription experience to users. While newsletters have become de-facto notification service of the web, traditional emails clients have failed to keep up with volume and associated management challenges. Kleeppr solves these challenges by providing privacy first, all in one platform to discover, subscribe and read email newsletters. We are a startup based in Silicon Valley.

If you love newsletters as we do or you publish one, we would love to chat with you.

We work with corporates to bring newsletters to their employees through our platform. We protect work email and provide central management of subscriptions across organization. Contact us for more info.